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Scarves and Sarongs
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Wrap yourself in Art

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A unique collection of scarves and sarongs featuring prints developed from my watercolour art


Scarves and Sarongs
Champa Scarf

Indulge in the luxurious feel of these scarves—crafted from sumptuously soft and breathable fabric, adorned with vibrant prints created from my original watercolour art.

Square Scarves.jpg

Embrace elegance with our charming and stylish square scarves—adorned with stunning art and dot-illusion graphics, they exude a contemporary and chic style.

5 Passiflora Sarong Beach MU copy.jpg

Perfect for lounging by the pool or strolling along the shoreline, a beach essential for your next vacation.

Long Scarves

Square Scarves


Welcome to my Studio

"Experience the vibrant beauty of watercolours with me"

Blobs to Blooms

A watercolour workshop specially designed for beginners.

Discover the joy of watercolors and transform basic blobs into vibrant floral masterpieces!

Brushes to Blooms

An intermediate level workshop, previous experience with watercolours is required for this workshop.Join me for a captivating watercolor workshop where we'll translate the beauty of our gardens onto paper.

Beyond my Window

A memory a scene you might have seen Beyond my Window this was the scene...

A new collection of watercolour paintings that capture nature’s mesmerizing colours, intricate shapes, and layered textures, my view of what lies

‘Beyond my Window’.

The Wild at Art.jpg

The Holiday Collection

A search for beauty & spontaneity in nature...An escape from normality...A chance to go back to a particular place or memory...

A new collection of watercolour paintings that capture nature’s mesmerizing colours, intricate shapes, and layered textures, my view of what lies

‘Beyond my Window’.

Let's Celebrate Juhu

Watercolour & Mixed Media Originals

Having spent my childhood in Juhu and now living here for more than 15 years, this is my tribute to this charming locality of Mumbai - 'JUHU'

I felt so nostalgic as I re-visited all these places in Juhu to click photographs and capture the essence of the place.

I have painted each and every piece with love and my emotions associated with them, trying not to make them look just like photographs, but give them life and tell a story, using my signature style of vibrant colours and watercolour blends. 

Theosophical Colony Juhu
The Wild at Art

The Lost Earth Collection

Originals and Fine Art Prints

Inspired by my travels and experiences, I present to you 'The Lost Earth', a collection inspired by the rich biodiversity of our Earth that is always thriving and never ceases to amaze me. A collection of vibrant hand-painted watercolour art with pen-work detailing, that unfolds layer upon layer and draws you within.... deep within... into our Lost Earth.


Skillshare Class.png

Join my Online Course
'Layering with Watercolours'

Skillshare Classs

Paint these Magical Forests with me in this online class, where I teach my signature technique of layering with watercolours.

Hi there...

I'm Aparna a watercolour artist and creative educator living in Mumbai, India. 


Through my paintings, I hope to inspire others to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to appreciate the fleeting moments of beauty that make life so precious. I believe that art has the power to transport us to another place and time, and my hope is to share that experience with others.

As a teacher, I strive to impart my passion for art and nature to my students, encouraging them to embrace their own creativity and find joy in the act of creation. Whether I am painting or teaching, my ultimate goal is to celebrate the beauty and wonder of life, and to inspire others to do the same.

Aparna Garg



I am the proud owner of Beau Jardin, one of Aparna’s recent watercolors.

I LOVE it. It arrived in perfect conditions and within a week or so of my order.

I love Aparna’s style and use of color and that she is inspired by the flowers in her own

yard...and her prices are more than fair. Check out all of Aparna’s work!

Cindy J,


Cindy Stoffel Jones on Facebook

This painting is absolutely beautiful!
Amazing watercolour and technique...
Painting was packed carefully and shipment was fast and included lovely poem. Really happy with my buy.

Natalia on ETSY

I absolutely love the way you take your inspiration and create the most beautiful pieces of art-so creative and talented!! and then using this creativity for raising funds is such a great way of giving back to your community. Keep up the great work

Shalini Agarwal on Facebook

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