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2023 Juhu Desktop Calendar

2023 desktop calendar now at 30% off 

Juhu Beach
Theosophical Colony
Fresco Bakery
Nehru Nagar
Chandan Cinema
St. Joseph's Church
Brahmakunda Talao
Joggers Park
Prithvi Theatre
Juhu Gaothan

Every page of this calendar features an iconic landmark of Juhu, that has a story of its own and makes Juhu special. 


It was such a delight executing this project, as I re-visited all these places to click photographs and capture the essence of the place. I have painted each and every piece with love and my emotions associated with them, trying not to make them look just like photographs, but give them life and tell a story, using my signature style of vibrant colours and watercolour blends.

It's not just a calendar, its a keepsake .... a souvenir.

Hope you enjoy this calendar as much as I enjoyed making it and hope each page every month brings a smile to your face and makes 2023 special.

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