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Deep Forests I - Fine Art Print

Deep Forests I - Fine Art Print

This jungle is dense dark and deep,

Its beautiful in here, come take a peep.

Trees of every shape and size

Living harmoniously together, aren’t they wise ?

This Fine Art/Giclee print is created using my original watercolour paintings from the ‘Lost Earth’ Collection.

Learn more about this collection and the inspiration behind this collection here.

Inspired by my travels and observations of the rich biodiversity of our Earth that is always thriving and never ceases to amaze me, the original vibrant artwork had been hand-painted layer by layer using glazes of watercolour with detailed pen-work to bring out the characteristics of each element. Each time you look at this piece a deep-set layer will emerge, a new play of colours will beam or a distinct element will be revealed, giving your space an air of magic.

These fine art prints feel and look as good as the originals.

Paintings from 'The Lost Earth Collection' can be mixed and matched to create a collage wall (suggestions in images).