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Kanha Scarf

Kanha - Long Scarf


Introducing the Kanha scarf, featuring artwork that pays homage to the lush, vibrant landscape of Kanha. The stunning design was created using imprints of real leaves collected from the Kanha region, resulting in a beautifully abstract pattern that captures the essence of nature.


The diffusion watercolor pigments used in the design create a mesmerizing blend of green, yellow, and brown tones, making this scarf a perfect accessory for nature and green lovers. With its unique and eye-catching aesthetic, the Kanha scarf is sure to make a statement in any outfit.


Whether worn as a stylish accessory or as a tribute to the beauty of Kanha, this scarf is a must-have for any fashion enthusiast.

Size: 27"x76"

Fabric: 100% Modal

Washcare: Remember to treat it with the same love and care with which it was created.

Hand wash gently and lay it flat to dry, preserving its vibrant colours and delicate texture for years to come.





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