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Watercolour Workshop

Blobs  to Blooms
A Watercolour Workshop for ALL skill levels

Watch this Insta Reel 
To get a feel,
Of what is in store 
For you to explore!
Colours explode zip, zap, zoom
As we convert our Blobs to Blooms!
Creative Garden Workshop

Discover the joy of watercolors and transform basic blobs into vibrant floral masterpieces!

What you will learn:

  • Loosen up and find your creative flow.

  • Conquer water control fears with basic blobs.

  • Create beautiful blends with watercolors.

  • Explore mixed media like acrylic inks for magical effects.

  • Nurture creativity in a zen, meditative atmosphere.

  • Add inky details for breathtaking floral art.

  • Boost confidence, take artistic risks, and let go of perfectionism.

Why Join?

  • Limited spots for an intimate experience.

  • All materials for use during the workshop will be provided.

  • Connect with a community of fellow art enthusiasts.

  • Share anecdotes over a warm cup of creativity.

Free Bonuses!!

  1. Get an E-Book - 'A Beginner's Guide to Watercolours' compiled by me specially for my students - a comprehensive guide on watercolor supplies, colour theory and basics of watercolour. Discover brand recommendations and personal insights to enhance your painting experience and achieve vibrant results.

  2. Access to a private Facebook/Whatsapp group where I post prompts for you to practice & continue your watercolour explorations.


What you will learn in this hands-on workshop?

Image by Wioleta Zakrzewska


How to make best use of our supplies, how to take care of them.

Hot-pressed? Cold-pressed? Brushes? Paints? What supplies/brands should I buy?

Decoding the best budget-friendly supplies for beginners and how to progress as you move forward in your art journey

Image by Gustavo Leighton


Say goodbye to patchy, washed-out paintings and muddy colours.

Let us capture the fluidity and transparency of watercolours. Join us as we delve into the art of colour mixing, embracing blobs and blooms.

Watercolour Workshop


Get that muscle memory going for effortless strokes, enabling us to focus on creating beautiful art.

No more worrying about technique during the final artwork. Let's train your hand to flow naturally, 



I will share my cheat-sheet packed with techniques and tips that will elevate your art to new heights.

Learn the secrets to paint vibrant expressive paintings that will make you want to keep staring at them!

Watercolour Workshop


It's time to get into painting our blobs of colour while learning how to control the water and pigment to create beautiful blends, mesmerising textures and unexpected blends as this fluid medium blooms and disperses into each other.

Watercolour Workshop


Watch your BLOBS blossom into a vibrant wildflower garden with some fun inky doodles and touches of metallic magic! 


Absolutely loved the water colour painting workshop. Aparna’s methodology is lucid . Would love to do the intermediate level .


Super fantastic experience we had a workshop which was so educational and inspirational would love to attend another workshop


Aparna has a fresh and unusual approach to teaching floral watercolour painting. Her classes can be enjoyed by beginners and also by people at an intermediate level. Using real botanical samples she helped us understand how to use watercolours effectively to make a vibrant composition of flowers and leaves.


Aparna is an excellent teacher , her class made me fall in love with water color painting. I look forward to doing more classes with her , she is extremely talented , encouraging and kind for anyone who wants to pick up a paint brush and explore a new art form.


Your Instructor

Hello and Welcome! I'm Aparna a watercolour artist and creative educator based in Mumbai.

Thank you for being here and embarking on an artistic journey with me.

Through this workshop I wish to share my treasure-trove of knowledge about painting with watercolours that I've carefully gathered over the years and make you fall in love with watercolours just like me.

As a teacher, I strive to impart my passion for art and nature to my students, encouraging them to embrace their own creativity and find joy in the act of creation.

Whether I am painting or teaching, my ultimate goal is to celebrate the beauty and wonder of life, and to inspire others to do the same.

Aparna Garg

Blobs to Blooms

What to expect... bloom blast from the past.....get Inspired!

Image by Gustavo Leighton

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Watercolour Workshops by The Wild at Art Studio are designed to help you elevate your skills at whatever stage of your creative practice with watercolours you are at - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. 

Seats are limited and fill up quickly, so keep a look out for my mail. 

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