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My Story...

Behind The Wild at Art is Aparna Garg, a self-taught artist, educator, travel-lover and creative explorer who is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her experiences into artistic expressions. 

"After an almost 20 year hiatus from painting, while I was raising my kids and managing a very full household I started painting intensively 4 years back, and maybe that’s exactly why my return to painting has been so sweet. It’s been like coming home to an old friend. And I’ve been extremely surprised to find that my talents have not gone away completely. I developed a unique style of storytelling through watercolours.

The magical experiences of my travels around the world and my childhood memories inspire me. I try to create unique compositions and use different techniques with vibrant colour palettes, each painting having its own inspiration and story.

As I evolve as an artist I seek to bring more storytelling to my work."

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My Art ...

Painting is all about letting go and being vulnerable, exploring all possibilities and experimenting. When I paint in watercolours, I start with a basic colour-wash of a vibrant mix of colours. Wetting the paper with clear water, then pouring colours from my palette, tilting the paper, spraying it with water, the way I want the colour to spread, pooling colour in certain areas. It’s haphazard, messy, colourful.

I have learned to embrace the fluidity and transparency of watercolours and paint intuitively, glazing the wash with layers of brush strokes and adding marks using different objects to create small details that add a sense of movement to my art.

Watercolours can be challenging at times, and then in the next moment, incredibly gratifying when I’ve created something that makes me really proud of my work.

Watercolours give me those moments. That’s why I love watercolours.

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I am open for commissioned art, collaborations or any questions you may have about my art.

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