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Near the Dog Park

Near the Dog Park

I spotted this plant near the dog park when I went cycling with my brother-in-law in Toronto. The deep red mushy cone attracted my attention.

As I stopped to pick the cone, he told me that all the leaves of this plant turn from green to a bright red in autumn. “Wow!!! Wish I could see this!! “

As luck would have it … (autumn set-in a bit early for me this season😘) and in a few days, my brother-in-law came back from his walk waving a branch of this tree. The leaves of which were a brilliant shade of scarlet-orange-red that I had never seen before!! Beauty beyond imagination!!


  • Original Hand-painted Watercolour.

  • Artwork Size - 15 x 2o inches

  • Paper - 300 GSM 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper

  • The artwork is unframed, however I recommend it be framed with a mat surrounding it and a glass for the artwork to remain bright and colourful and stay with you for long. 

  • The colours in actuality may differ slightly due to a difference on your viewing screen. 

  • Only one painting will be sent, other accessories shown in the image are not included. 

  • The framed wall decor image is for representative purpose only and not a true representation of its size.

  • All Artwork is copyright protected.

  • Ships Worldwide.

  • Signed by the Artist.