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The Lily Pond

The Lily Pond

16" x 20", Watercolour & Mixed Media on Paper , 2023


It's been twenty-five years and more,

The view from my class on the second floor.

Has been the same, full of blooms and trees,

And a serene Lily Pond down below.


Today when I teach at this very place,

I notice every detail with gentle grace.

The Cannonball tree - this beauty I had paid no heed,

Its stunning bright flowers and huge round seeds.

I ask you too, to stop and take a break,

Observe nature’s abundance for your own sake.

These are pieces of art created by God,

Nature's canvas will leave you awed.


From the very college where I studied,

My Alma Mater, memories deeply embedded.

A web of branches, a canvas in the sky,

Whispers of the past as the years drift by

  • Original Hand-painted Watercolour & Mixed Media

  • Artwork Size - 16 x 20 inches

  • Paper - 300 GSM 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper

  • The artwork is unframed, however I recommend it be framed with a mat surrounding it and a glass for the artwork to remain bright and colourful and stay with you for long. 

  • The colours in actuality may differ slightly due to a difference on your viewing screen. 

  • Only one painting will be sent, other accessories shown in the image are not included. 

  • The framed wall decor image is for representative purpose only and not a true representation of its size.

  • All Artwork is copyright protected.

  • Ships Worldwide.

  • Signed by the Artist.




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